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Field Company

Field Company Cast Iron No.10 Skillet & Dutch Oven Set

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 Crafted from 100% Cast Iron and Made in the USA

✓ Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking: boiling, frying, baking, and searing

 Provides quicker cleaning and cooking experience

 Compatible with gas, electric, and smooth-top ranges

 The Field Company Cast Iron No.10 Skillet & Dutch Oven Set is perfect for braising, steaming, melting, rice-cooking pan, individual servings, and camping trips.

 Lightly seasoned, the Dutch Oven will darken and season more deeply with use

✓ Field Company Cast Iron is machined and polished using modern methods to replicate the lighter, smoother Cast Iron pieces produced during the golden age of vintage American Cast Iron, while the majority of Cast Iron produced now eliminates this step for cost savings and results in the sandy, pebbly texture that reduces seasoned Cast Iron's non-stick properties.

✓ We use three coats of organic grapeseed oil to pre-season our skillets rather than commodity soy or vegetable oil blends.  The result is a better base for the seasoning you will build at home over time through time and use.



Introducing Field Company Cast Iron No.10 Skillet & Dutch Oven Set—a true investment for your kitchen that will be cherished by your family for generations, thanks to its superior build quality and impeccable finish.

Elevate your culinary prowess with the indispensable Skillet & Dutch Oven Set—a versatile kitchen essential designed to master a myriad of cooking tasks. From achieving artisanal sourdough bread perfection to mastering low-and-slow braising, baked pasta creations, and a variety of frying techniques, this set excels in every culinary endeavor.

Field Company's vintage-style design features an all-cast iron construction, ensuring exceptional non-stick cooking performance that surpasses flimsy engineered coatings. The process begins with grapeseed oil pre-seasoning, which enhances over time and with each use. Unlike other products, we prioritize quality and longevity.

Included with the Dutch Oven is an exact-fit self-basting lid, guaranteeing even cooking for roasts and braises, whether you're using it on the stovetop, in the oven, or over a campfire.

Field Company's well-seasoned Cast Iron cookware delivers a naturally non-stick cooking surface without the need for harmful chemicals or engineered coatings. Rest assured, your Dutch oven will arrive pre-seasoned, ready to be used immediately.

Cast Iron's excellent heat retention and distribution make it the ideal material for stovetop searing, oven-roasting vegetables, and, most notably, sourdough baking.

Field Company's Cast Iron cookware is compatible with all stovetop burner types, including glass and ceramic induction ranges, ensuring versatility and convenience in your kitchen.

Field Company's Cast Iron is proud to be 100% Made in the USA. We work with recycled iron sourced from American vendors and pour our cast iron cookware using green sand castings—following the footsteps of the most celebrated vintage cast iron manufacturers, Griswold and Wagner.

The naturally non-stick cooking surface of our Dutch Oven comes from multiple coats of grapeseed oil pre-seasoning. No teflon, no deceptive practices—just pure craftsmanship.

Remember, like all great tools, cast iron cookware only gets better with time and use. Its durability and resilience are unmatched, ensuring a lifetime of exceptional cooking experiences.

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Dimensions, Size and Weight:


Top Diameter (rim to rim): 11 5/8 inches
Cooking surface (wall to wall): 9 3/4 inches
Total Length (including handles): 17 3/4 inches
Wall Height (pan depth): 2 1/8 inches
Total Height:4 3/4 inches 
Size:No. 10
Total Weight: 11 lbs


Dutch Oven

Top Diameter (rim to rim): 11 5/8 inches
Cooking surface (wall to wall): 9 3/4 inches
Total Length (including handles): 15 inches
Wall Height (pan depth): 5 1/4 inches
Total Height: 7 3/4 inches 
Size: No. 10
Volume: 7 quart
Total Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz (base); 14 lbs 8 oz (total)



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